About North Star Montessori Academy

Located In Beautiful Marquette, Michigan
  • Successfully preparing our graduates to be contributing members of society.

    North Star Montessori Academy offers Montessori Pre-K through 8th grade and student-centered learning for grades 9th through 12th.

    North Star offers parents and students a small, Montessori learning environment and is also tuition free. Our Mission – A competitive Pre-K – 12 small learning community focusing on hands-on academics, integrating our global environment and the arts and technology to successfully prepare our graduates to be contributing members of society. Our school day runs from 8:30 AM – 3:40 PM

  • North Star Montessori Academy Focus

    • Environmental Focused Instruction

      One of the most important things we can teach our children, is to learn from and protect the world we live in.

    • Child Centered

      With small class sizes, each child gets the individualized attention he or she needs.

    • Service Learning

      North Star believes in empowering students to make a positive impact in their community.

    • Project Based Learning

      North Star incorporates learning through the process and enjoyment of project building.

  • History of North Star Montessori Academy (NSMA) was established as an alternative high school in 1994 and became a Public School Academy, chartered by Northern Michigan University in 1997. Today NSA serves students of all academic abilities in grades Pre-K – 12. Despite operating in a region of declining enrollment, school enrollment continues to grow and the school is seen as a viable ‘school of choice’.

    The school is built on the Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and became an accredited member of CES in 2002. “Essential schools” share a set of ideas known as principles and seek to lower teacher’s student loads, personalize teaching and curriculum, and make students’ work the center of classroom activity. They award diplomas based on curriculum mastery not seat time. They aim to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for the school, faculty, students, and parents, and to model democratic practices and honor diversity.

    In 2006, North Star Montessori Academy moved into a brand new facility located in Marquette. The building was designed and decorated by students-for students. It features classrooms whose size can be manipulated, wireless internet, and a colorful scheme. The building compliments the school’s goals to promote project based learning, teamwork and technology skills.

    North Star Montessori Academy is a public school chartered by Northern Michigan University, serving grades Pre-K – 12. North Star Academy offers parents and students a small, personalized and project based learning environment and is also tuition free.

    Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children at North Star Montessori Academy need to complete an application, which can be obtained below or by calling the school’s main office. The application may be returned to the school via email, fax or mail. Upon receipt, a North Star Academy administrator will call to arrange an informational meeting.

    For the 2017-2018 school year, we only have a limited number of enrollment spots. In accordance with charter school law, students completing the school year are guaranteed a spot for the next year if their re-enrollment form is completed and turned into the office. If there are any openings, siblings of enrolled students have the next opportunity to fill slots. If slots still exist new students are accepted. For grade levels with more applicants than spots, a waiting list will be created.


  • Why Choose North Star?

    Things To Know About Charter Schools
    • Independent Schools

      Charter schools are independent public schools that are open to all students, regardless of income, gender, race or religion. Fifty-eight percent of charter school students are minority and 52 percent are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch.

    • Choice

      Charter schools are schools of choice that provide a high-quality option to families who are dissatisfied with their traditional district school or are looking for another option.

    • Accountability

      Charter schools exist under a contract with an authoritative public body, such as a state or local school board, that hols the charter school accountable for results.

    • Tax Funded

      Charter schools run independently of traditional school districts, yet since they are public schools they are funded by tax-payer money. Charter schools have their own school boards.

    • Autonomy

      As self-governing entities, charter schools have the autonomy to make quick, effective changes to meet students’ specific needs, which helps improve student achievement.

    • Involvement

      Charter schools hold students, teachers and parents accountable for improving student achievement. Charter schools can be created by parents, a team of teachers, a community organization or a university.

    • Freedom

      Charter schools have the freedom to reward teachers with higher pay when the teachers have met the needs of their students. They also have the freedom to release those who do not.

    • Closing The Gap

      Many charter schools are helping to close the achievement gap for low-income and minority students. For many students and parents, charter schools are providing quality options and raising the bar in public education.