CEO's Welcome

North Star Montessori Academy
  • The difference here is our community.

    More than 15 years after its founding, North Star Montessori Academy continues to educate today’s students who will become tomorrow’s leaders.


    If you take a moment to observe our community here, I know that you will agree that North Star Montessori Academy is a uniquely structured place! Our academic program is remarkably deep and broad, our mission-based teachers and staff enable students to explore their passions at a very high level with peers who share the same interests. Our professional staff is readily available and cares deeply about our students. All of this takes place in small classrooms and a tightly knit community to allow the opportunity for optimal growth and education with a focus on individual care of each student.

    I hope you get a sense of the camaraderie that distinguishes North Star Montessori Academy in this community, and the dynamic people who make it all possible. North Star’s students and parents have a genuine connection and engagement with the school community because they find it to be an environment that is stimulating, challenging and fun!

    I personally welcome you to visit us in person and see for yourself what North Star Montessori Academy education looks like.


    Joe Kukulski, CEO/Superintendent

  • Friendly atmosphere plus individual care.

    Autonomy plays a key role.

    As self-governing entities, charter schools have the autonomy to make quick, effective changes to meet students’ specific needs, which helps improve student achievement.


    • Environmental Focused Instruction

      One of the most important things we can teach our children, is to learn from and protect the world we live in.

    • Child Centered

      With small class sizes, each child gets the individualized attention he or she needs.

    • Service Learning

      North Star believes in empowering students to make a positive impact in their community.

    • Project Based Learning

      North Star incorporates learning through the process and enjoyment of project building.

  • Dedicated classrooms with dedicated educators.

    At North Star Montessori Academy, an emphasis is put on involvement throughout the entire support system.

    Charter schools hold students, teachers and parents accountable for improving student achievement. Charter schools can be created by parents, a team of teachers, a community organization or a university.