Grades K - 6
    • Becky Cookman
      Montessori 4-5 Teacher
    • Sam White
      Montessori PreK/ Kindergarten Teacher
    • Stephanie Rohder
      Montessori 1-3 Teacher
    • Amy Jo Klas
      Montessori K-1 Teacher
    • Tayler Smith
      Montessori 4-5 Teacher
    • Merilee Mickle
      Montessori 1-3 Teacher
    • Michelle Maxson
      Montessori Aide/ Technology Teacher
    • Jessica Laxo
      Montessori Aide
    • Dave Neumann
      Montessori 4-5 Teacher
    • Anna Bauers
      Physical Education/ Health
    • Autumn Bates
      Montessori 1-3 Teacher
    • Jessica Brooks
      Montessori PreK/ Kindergarten Teacher
    • Adrian Francisco
      Title 1 Teacher
    • Patricia Roti
      Music Teacher
    • Lauren Tilma
      Art Teacher
  • Questions and Answers
    North Star Elementary

    Welcome to the opening of what promises to be a wonderful school year at North Star Montessori Academy K-6! The staff is very excited about the upcoming school year. We have already been working hard to prepare for another great year together! You are a critical component to making North Star Montessori Academy a successful school and we thank you for your dedication to your children and to our school. Together, teachers, students, and parents/guardians make a strong North Star family. We appreciate your support as your child enters the classroom, learns, and grows throughout the year.

    We look forward to working with K-6 families this year and welcome you to call or stop by with questions or concerns.

    Reporting on Individual Achievement

    Even through the developmental K-5, at North Star Montessori Academy we find it essential to encourage the continuing progress of our students through individual achievement.

  • North Star Montessori Academy Facts
    • Average Class Size20 Students
    • Annual Graduates12 Students
    • Average Number Of Students Attending NSA250 Students
  • NSA Elementary In The News

  • S.O.A.R.- Student Optimization And Readiness