School Improvement & Technology Plan

  • The following is an excerpt from the Michigan Department of Education:

    “Each year, schools and districts review policies and practices to consider ways to improve and enhance student achievement. This process, commonly referred to as the school improvement process, is deeply embedded in building, district and state planning and accountability systems, and has become an integral and necessary part of school and system reform. While this type of planning has existed for many years, recent state and federal mandates including annual testing directives and increased accountability have intensified the importance of this process and its outcomes.

    Since the passage of Public Act 25 in 1990, Michigan schools and districts have been required to develop 3-5 year school improvement plans. Schools and districts use these plans as a blueprint to establish goals and objectives that will guide teaching for learning, resource allocation, staff development, data management and assessment. They also use it to measure their ability to meet the goals and objectives established in the plan.
    To provide schools and districts with a comprehensive framework based on current research and best practice.”

    The following members created North Star Academy’s School Improvement Plan:
    Karen Anderson – CEO/Principal
    Stephanie Abata – Dean/Assistant Administrator 7th – 12th
    Linda Ludwig – Elementary Principal
    David Gilbert – High School Teacher
    JoEllen Hadel – High School Teacher
    David Neumann – Elementary Teacher
    JoeyLynn Selling – Elementary Teacher
    Mary Rosten – Middle School Teacher
    Linda Wagner – K-8 Title One Teacher
    Alexia Kroll – Elementary Counselor
    Jack Noble – School Board Treasurer
    Carroll Ann Swanson – School Board Secretary
    Karen Benstrom – High School Parent
    Donna Phillips – Middle School Parent
    Jamie Randall – Elementary Parent

    Click here for the 2010-2015 School Improvement Plan.

    Technology planning is federally mandated for local school agencies seeking technology funding from federal programs. As a result, technology plans must meet federally established criteria and be approved by the state.

    North Star Academy believes that technology is a tool to enhance the whole curriculum. Various technologies will be used to allow students to further their educational, career and personal goals. Access to and the ability to adapt to new technologies will help students become more successful and contribute to the changing world.
    Specifically technology will be used to:

    • Assist all students in understanding the curriculum
    • Connect students to the world
    • Increase knowledge
    • Increase communication between staff, parents, students, and the community
    • Enhance technology skills
    • Promote higher order thinking skills

    Direct correlation to NSA education:

    • Continue to offer professional develop to educate staff on using technology as an instructional tool
    • Continue to provide a technology-rich environment for students that enhances the state’s content and grade level expectations
    • Provide students with technology and software that require the use of higher order thinking skills
    • Continue to utilize technology to promote student understanding for various multiple intelligences

    Click here for the 2011-2014 NSA Technology Plan.