Supporting North Star Academy

North Star Academy encourages and depends on the community in a variety of ways, including financially and for volunteer work. Below you will find several ways in which you may support the district.
    • Collecting Labels

      The following labels / receipts are being collected by NSA. Please bring them to the elementary office or middle / high school office:
      Econo Foods Receipts
      Kashi Product Labels
      Kemps Milk Caps

    • Parent Teacher Organization

      The Parent Teacher Organization meets regularly . They encourage parent, teacher, student and community involvement by offering programs that facilitate so. For further information contact Kelley Sue Mallette at

    • Share Your Expertise

      North Star Academy believes that there is more to learning than just worksheets and textbooks. Learning needs to be active! If you have a career, skill or activity that your willing to share and fits into the curriculum, please call us at 226-0156 ext. 10 and we’ll put you in contact with the appropriate teacher-classroom.

    • Fundraisers

      North Star Academy holds a number of fundraisers each year. Some of our popular fundraisers include: Fundraiser Dinner, Popcorn, NSA T-Shirts, and Easter Eggs. Contact us for more information or to see how you can get involved!

  • Donate to North Star through PayPal

    North Star Academy has a PayPal account set up for monetary donations. If you would like to contribute to NSA, you can paypal the donation to as the paypal address. The funds go directly to the school. If you need instructions, please call 906-226-0156 and they can fax, mail, or e-mail the instructions if you don’t know how.
    • Postal Address

      North Star Academy
      3030 Wright Street
      Marquette, MI 49855

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 906.226.0156
      Fax: 906.226.0167

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      8:00 am – 4:30 pm
      Weekend Closed

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